FnT Guidelines For Events & Walks

This guidance has been compiled to provide a good system of practice and as far as reasonably possible, organisers and participants should observe it. It is also intended to ensure that, as far as possible, the Club complies with the requirements of its insurers.

This document should be read in conjunction with the FnT Constitution.

Safety: No activity is completely without risk. It is important that each member appreciates their responsibility to take all reasonable steps to minimise the risks of an accident.
In the case of more strenuous activities such as walks it is important that you are fit and well enough to participate. If in doubt, check with the organiser beforehand.

Cars: Car sharing is encouraged. Suggested contributions to cover fuel costs are £3 in the York area, and £5 for longer journeys. (Drivers should not ask for contributions as it may invalidate their car Insurance Policy).

Cancellations: An organiser may have to change or cancel an event. Ensure the organiser is aware of your intention to participate so you can be informed of any changes.

Insurance: Public Liability cover exists to give protection to FnT members participating in a club activity. Members who choose to deviate from a walk may run the risk of the club’s insurance being invalid.

Dogs: Responsibility for dogs lies with the individual dog owner. Incidents caused by dogs are not covered by the club insurance policy.

WALKS: Participants should wear appropriate clothing and footwear to suit the terrain and
weather conditions. Boots or strong shoes are essential as are a supply of food and water. If members have any concerns they should contact the leader.

Guidelines for Walk Leaders and Guidelines for Walkers

  • Leaders should ‘Recce’ the route prior to the day of the walk and ensure they have an OS Map, Compass, Whistle, First Aid Kit and two High¬ Viz waistcoats.
  • Check all members of the group are adequately clothed and equipped for the walk, and refuse participation to any that are not
  • Have a fully charged mobile and ensure members are aware of your number
  • Delegate a back¬marker to ensure gates are closed behind and to inform the leader if someone has difficulty keeping up
  • If anyone suffers an injury or illness to the extent they need medical attention, walk leader to contact club secretary with details asap, who will compile an accident report
  • Inform the walk leader of any allergies/medical situations which could arise, and what should be done if it does.
  • Members may wish to supply emergency contact details
  • On roads, members should walk in single file facing oncoming traffic, unless otherwise instructed by the walk leader
  • Always inform the leader if you have to abandon the walk for any reason
  • Observe the Countryside Code