FnT Management

FnT is run by a Committee and Officers elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’). The roles and functions of the Officers and Committee are as set out below.


The Chairperson’s duties include the following:

1. To Chair the AGM, committee meetings and other General meetings of the club and keep the meetings in order.

2. To act as project leader/progress chaser for specific activities assigned by the Committee.

3. To:

a) administer and maintain the website,

b) update all passwords as required,

c) liaise with external IT consultant

d) ensure that the regulations for GDPR are adhered to.

4. To liaise with the Secretary and other members of the Committee to ensure that organisational motions and suggestions for improvements to the club are properly circulated before the AGM.

5. To liaise with the Secretary to ensure that agendas and minutes of all meetings are produced correctly and well in advance of the next meeting.

6. To check and maintain the Insurance, in face of changes of demand or cover offered.

7. To hold the casting vote in the event of a vote on any issue being tied at committee or general meetings.


The Secretary’s duties include the following:

1. Producing and distributing minutes of committee and general meetings as required.

2. Attending to the day to day running of the club by answering any questions from members concerning the interpretation and contents of the Constitution, running of the club, minutes and Insurance Policy.

3. Being the Data Controller for the Club.

4. Dealing with any correspondence.


The Treasurer’s duties include the following:

1. Managing the Club finances.

2. Collecting subscriptions, in conjunction with the membership secretary.

3. Preparing the financial report and audited accounts for the AGM.

4. Verifying and paying expenses incurred by Officers in accordance with their duties.

5. Maintaining the bank accounts required by the club.

6. The Treasurer will receive regular updates of the membership list from the membership secretary

Diary Secretary

The Diary Secretary’s duties include the following:

1. Management, in conjunction with the website adviser, of the electronic diary, which enables members to log centrally events they are planning.

2. Maintaining a suitable alternative means for members without access to the

internet to have their events logged on the same list.

3. Producing the monthly programme and Newsletter for distribution at club night of each month, either by email or in hard copy for those without e-mail addresses.

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary’s duties include the following

1. Maintaining the membership list including changes of address and contact details and ensuring that the Treasurer and Diary Secretary are also informed of any changes.

2. Responding to membership enquiries.

3. Distributing hard copies of the programme at club night each month, or distributing them by post to those members who cannot collect their copy and/or do not have an e-mail address.

Committee members

The committee shall consist of the officers as outlined above and other members, elected annually at the AGM.
The duties of committee members are as follows:

1. To attend all committee meetings as far as possible.

2. To ensure that any concerns that members have are raised with the committee.

3. To discuss and vote on issues which are raised at committee meetings.

4. To ensure that new members are welcomed to the club.

5. To undertake any tasks required, on behalf of the club, as may be agreed at committee meetings.